Income Tax & GST

We prepare tax returns for individuals, companies, partnerships, superannuation funds (or act as super fund Auditors), trust funds etc. We look after your BAS requirements and can provide bookkeeping services or for the DIY business people, we have a simple Excel spreadsheet for you. These can be emailed to us each quarter/month, checked and lodged on your behalf.

If you are in business we like to encourage owners to work with us each quarter/month, for both GST and PAYG income instalment calculations. Nobody likes cashflow surprises in their business. We prepare the BAS and owners PAYG liabilities in a timely manner so that you can manage your tax accounts without an end of year surprise. Even when cashflow is a problem we again encourage owners to lodge their BAS to avoid penalty. The Tax department will grant payment arrangements to most businesses.


We are Certified Practising Accountants and have been registered with CPA Australia (formerly Australian Society of Accountants) since 1971.

We prepare financial accounts for all small to medium businesses at lower prices but meet the Accounting Standards required under the Australian Accounting Standards Board legislation.

We have accounting experience outside of just being Public Practitioners. This includes commercial accounting and financial management for small to medium organisations across many industries. This means we look at how to run your business, not just crunch numbers once at the end of each year and do your taxes.

In line with our policy mentioned under the Taxation heading, for business, we prepare quarterly/monthly profit and loss statements so you can track your business and know where you stand financially.


We have been registered company auditors since 1971 and continue to provide this service for business, non profits, P and C associations etc and superannuation funds.

Computer Systems

Over the last 20+ years we have written extensively customised Excel spreadsheets for clients whilst acting as consultants. These systems have been integrated to the clients main accounting systems and have become the main business system used in production divisions within the companies. The result - increased margins.

Give us a call if you have a need to improve operations and maybe margins also.

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